We provide 3 different licenses for our products to facilitate anything from NSL-based hardware training to even large scale circuit development.

No License File (Academic Licensing)

Without a license file (when only NSL Core installation has been completed), Verilog HDL/VHDL/SystemC can be synthesis from a maximum of 500 lines of NSL code, which is sufficient given that with NSL large-scale and complicated circuits can be designed simply.
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Non-Profit Licensing

This license is for those who wish to synthesize over 500 lines of NSL coding for training and trial purposes. Up to 2000 lines of NSL code can be replaced although the generated Verilog HDL/VHDL/System C codes cannot be used for commercial purposes. The effective term of this license is 30 days.
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Commercial Licensing

Those who move forward with full-scale implementation by NSL should purchase this license, which is 1 year and node-locked license. It has no Line limitation.
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※ About “Line Limitation”.
Limitation of the number of lines under a license of NSL Core depends on the number of lines of NSL source code that logically synthesizes by NSL Core, that also contains the comment and null lines, etc. Moreover, there is a limitation to the number of the source code lines after being built in when multiple source codes are built in with “include”, etc.
For example, when a file in 250 lines is “included” in a source code in 300 lines, the logical synthesis cannot be executed without the license due to the limitation of the number of lines as it exceeds 500 lines. Please note it.