3-STATE Octal Bus Transceiver Type-A

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File name
8bit bidirection bus x 2port code. NSL version of TTL74245 standard logic.
I/O signal
Port_A=8bit bidirection bus.
Port_B=8bit bidirection bus.
DIR=Direction.’1′ is Port_A to Port_B, ’0′ is Port_B to Port_A.
nOE=Output enable.’0′ is active. ’1′ is turn off and Hi-Z.
This code shown function input signal and hi-impedance signal example.
This code includes internal function signal of ‘output_enable()’ and it is asserted at ‘nOE’ will be ’0′.
At function signal is asserted, a function block will be called.
In this code case, function block equation check ‘DIR’ signal as signal direction.

An output port which is declared as ‘output’ or ‘inout’, and is is not controlled any signal, thus it port will be ‘Hi-Z’ state.

Designer is not able to write any equation to sensitivity list for a ‘function [sigName]‘ of [sigName] sentense.
This is a NSL language specification limit.
・function ~nOE any{ ・・・ }-> Syntax error.
・function ( ~nOE & DIR ) any{ ・・・ }-> Syntax error.