1bit Hi-Z OUTPUT single direction I/O

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Example code of uni-direction signal with high impedance control.
This code shown uni-direction signal control example.
A uni-direction line is declared as ‘HiZIO_pin’.

At ‘OEN’ is ‘H’, a value of ‘OUT_to_HiZIO’ is transfered to ‘HiZIO_pin’.
Also, ‘OEN’ signal is ‘L’, ‘HiZIO_pin’ signal will be ‘Hi-Z’ status.

TruthTable :

  | OEN | OUT_to_HiZIO |
  |  L  |      HiZ     |
  |  H  | OUT_to_HiZIO |
Even if designer wants to need an output direction signal, it **SHOULD** declare ‘High-Impedance’ pin with ‘**INOUT**’ property.
The NSL synthesis tool does not generate ‘High-Impedance’ pin with ‘output’ property.