Sequential operation example of 4bit by 4bit multiply function

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Sequential operation example of 4bit by 4bit multiply function.

I/O signal:
a= Multiply data in of A.
b= Multiply data in of B.
q= Multiply data out of A*B->Q
go= Multiply execution request.

This code shown an example of sequential operation.
A ‘func_seq_test’ of lower-module operates multiply function.
Thus, a signal of ‘Mult()’ is asserted to ‘H’, following operation will be started ☆
1. Call a ‘function Mult seq {…} ‘
2. Call a ‘exec_mult()’ function which is declared by ‘func_self’ statement.
3. Genetare 8bit multyplied result to ‘temp_result’ register in ‘exec_mult()’ function.
4. Result is through from ‘temp_result’ to ‘Qout()’ output pins.
5. A ‘Comp()’ – control output signal – will be asserted to ‘H’ and finish.
In this operation, a ‘Comp()’ function will be called 1clock after a ‘Mult()’ is asserted.
1.func_in—Control input signal/pin. ( External )
2.func_out— Control output signal/pin. ( External )
3.func_self— Control function definition. ( Internal )
4.function— Control function equation. ( Internal )
5.seq { }— Sequential operation description ( Internal )