1bit F/F sample with asynchronous reset

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An one piece Flip-flop example. Asynchronous reset.
I/O signal:
D_in= Data Input (D).
ENB_in= Clock enable.
Q_out= Data Output (Q).
This code shown an example of D-Type F/F with Asynchronous reset circuit.
At the ‘ENB_in’ will be asserted to the ‘H’ level, a signal on ‘D_in’ is transfered to a ‘Q_out’ output pin.
An asynchronous reset signal is automatically used in synthesis phase.

Designer is able to set an initial value to declarated register as ‘reg [_SigName]‘ statement.
An initial value will be setted at a name of ‘p_reset’ asynchronous reset signal is asserted.

If designer wants to need a synchronous reset sample, please see ‘FF_1bit_SR.nsl’ code.

NSL language specification does not arrow to assign register equation to output pin, directoly.
This reason is depend on a SILICON layout of the F/F(register) is included in I/O pin.

Desiner should separate a statement both register equation on internal circuit and connect it to output pin.