Software Download


【Product: NSL Core】
【Product: UML editor for NSL Overture】
  • This is dedicated UML diagram tool for NSL, which supports Class diagram, Activity diagram, State chart diagram.
    This tool is available gratis, but an expiration date is by March 31, 2019. When it continues and is used, please download it again when after an expiration date. (Version is 1.0.3/93863c.)
  • ◆ UML editor install program (zip) 【Download】
  • ▽ UML editor User Manual (pdf) in preparation
【Product: NSL Tutorial LiveCygwin】
  • It is a tutorial to learn the Hardware Description Language NSL for the logic design by using sample code. Please use it in conjunction with the LiveCygwin program (zip).
  • ◆ LiveCygwin program (zip) 【Download】
  • ▽ NSL Tutorial (pdf) 【Download】