NSL Overture


“NSL Overture” is Integrated Development Environment of embodied new method “UML to RTL”. This core technology is new-generation hardware description language NSL and a behavior synthesis engine (NSL Core) provided by Overtone Corporation.
This product consists of the following sub-tools, NSL Core, Entry tool for UML diagram, Text editor for NSL, “UML to NSL” compiler, NSL Core and 3rd Party tool launcher (support logic simulator and FPGA development tools).
Moreover, it is a development environment that can be used by a broad range of people from development engineers using programming language C/C++ for signal processing of embedded systems and image processing, etc., to ASIC/FPGA development engineers using RTL (Verilog HDL, VHDL), to even those just now embarking in hardware design.


◇UML Editor:
This is Entry tool for UML diagram.
It is able to import the UML/NSL model (data).
◇UML to NSL:
We suggest “UML Profile for NSL”. This sub-tool generates to NSL file from XMI and DI file base on OMG (Object Management Group), which handles Class diagram, Activity diagram, and State diagram in UML.
◇NSL Editor:
NSL Editor is a text editor that not only color-codes reserved words and performs code completion, it also possesses debugging support functions and outline functions that list signal names and variable parameter used in source codes
◇NSL to RTL(NSL Core):
NSL Core selects the output language and automatically generates RTL codes (Auto-build). It supports Verilog HDL and VHDL for logic synthesis and SystemC for verification, as well. The details are as below.
◇3rd Party tool launcher

This sub-tool supports executing of external design tools, such as a logic (HDL) simulator, and an FPGA design tool, etc.

Support tool:

  • ALDEC HDL Simulator (ActiveHDL)
  • Xilinx FPGA design tool (Vivado)
  • Altera FPGA design tool (QuartusⅡ: on the table)
◇Model (Library) management
This sub-tool controls the existing design models as UML/NSL data.

Please contact us via contact form of our website for more detail specifications and licensing.