IP Core models

Currently we provide following IP core models developed in UML/NSL design environment.

Item Summery Note
2D Video Display Controller (VDC)
Feature of 2D Video Display Controller is Superposition processing of the onscreen picture of a maximum of 5 layers overlay, which include the camera input as the background.
  • CCIR/IUT-656 (640i/720i) Camera or 24bit-RGB (max720x484pixel) input./li>
  • Max. 4 inputs Frame buffer with priority control.
  • Processing of superposition pattern: Up-Down / Left-Right Reverse, 64 levels Alpha Blending by frame or pixel, Color palette, Color Key, Mask
  • 24bit-RGB output: QVGA(320×240) ~ XGA(1024×768) size
Product name:
Video over IP
Sends/receives MPEG TS video/audio stream to/from Ethernet IP network.For professional broadcast purpose, and more.
  • TS packet size : 188, 192, 204, 208 bytes
  • low latency, low jitter
  • Xilinx Zynq (portable to other platforms)
Featuring intensively NSL properties such as many concurrent state machines.

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