About NSL

NSL (Next Synthesis Language) is new hardware description language (HDL) for semiconductor device development. NSL has distinctive feature that is able to describe a processing subject. But Verilog-HDL and VHDL describes with a register subject.

In addition, there are the following features.

  • NSL is controllable language by the design engineer, because NSL is able to describe behavior level. So it is easy to realize the design idea.
  • NSL is high productivity language with Object-oriented design.
  • Able to convert easily from C/C++ model, because NSL has a simple and familiar syntax.
  • Able to coexist with the current design property such as IP core by RTL(Verilog-HDL/VHDL).
  • NSL has high affinity for UML.
  • Able to generate secure synthesizable RTL format include SystemC.
  • Therefore NSL is easy to learn. Do not become concerned about learning new hardware description language. Please try and just use it!

Message of CTO