Message from Chairman

In recent years, the embedded systems of electronic communication devices, home appliances and automobiles have become increasingly high-tech at an exponential pace of development. At the same time, the extensive proliferation and production of semiconductors have caused the semiconductor engineering environment to become one of convoluted experimentation, complicating engineering work itself.

Such a design environment has prompted the need for more efficient design work and taking the forefront as superior design technology is object-oriented design. From a manpower perspective, there is a need for the training of embedded systems engineers skilled in design language and can bridge communication between semiconductor design engineers who have separated into the two fields of software and hardware.

Needless to say, improvement of such a semiconductor design environment requires a comprehensive approach utilizing a UML (Unified Modeling Language) based design approach and a highly compatible language that will define next generation design.

Responding to such conditions, we use NSL (Next Synthesis Language) hardware language developed by IP ARCH , Inc. (in the U.S., for many years involved in hardware design language highly compatible with UML), to dramatically reduce design workload for design engineers by simplifying and increasing the efficiency of hardware design within the semiconductor industry. Thus, on this occasion, we establish our business of design, sales and instruction in semiconductor development tools.

It is our ambition to provide advanced technology and training methods that will foster new expertise in engineering and it is our hope to increase enrichment for engineers.

Toshiaki Sato