What is NSL?
NSL is a type of hardware description language for circuit designs. By incorporating the component of object orientation, it not only acts as an instrument for hardware designers to actualize their own ideas, but software engineers will also find the language specification user-friendly.
Who provides technical support?
Technical support is provided by Overtone Corporation or by one of our distributors.
Do you provide materials in other languages?
We offer materials in both Japanese and English.
You can download localized manuals, etc. from our website.
・Reference manuals
・Sample code
・Sample description
・Installation manual
・Tool operation manual
What are your rates for product upgrades and version upgrades?
Support varies depending on the product. For further information, please contact us.
Does NSL Overture have a trial version?
The trial version can create up to 2000 lines of NSL logical description circuits. The tool can be downloaded from the following website.
What is an NSL Overture tool?
An NSL Overture tool is our own software packaged into an integrated development environment. The software not only includes Logic Synthesis Engine NSL Core, NSL Editor, UML Class diagram tool, it also includes a UML to NSL language conversion tool and the provision of an Eclipse base framework to integrate all of the above.
Has information on Overtone Corporation products been presented in academic conferences or research papers?
Our products have appeared in such publications as Ohki, Shinichi, Yujiro Kaneko and Masami Ikura. “Novel IP core maintenance method for SOC ASIC/FPGA design center.” PARTHENON Technical Society, 2009.
What type of license agreement does NSL Overture use?
Presently, node-lock products are being provided.
Floating licenses and site licenses are currently under consideration.
Do you provide discounted rates?
We are planning to provide volume discounts and site licenses.
We have an “early access partner” policy, as well.
Please contact us for further details.
Do you provide academic licensing for educational institutions?
Yes. We issue academic licensing for teachers and students of grades above elementary school and educational institutions established under the School Regulation Act. Please contact us for further details.
I would like to use NSL Overture products overseas and receive support overseas, as well. Do you have plans to provide local support for companies located overseas?
We are working to provide local support in Korea.
All other locations will require individual consultation.
How are products upgraded?
They can be manually updated from an update menue in NSL Overture.
Will additional costs be incurred when changing OSs or PCs?
Excluding certain exceptions, there are fees for obtaining new license codes.
Are in-house developer training manuals provided?
We will provide both instructor and student training manuals.
Our company outsources development. Will Overtone Corporation provide training for subcontracted companies?
We intend to provide support free or charge or for a fee depending on the skills of third parties. Please contact us for further details.
Prepared by the Research and Development Division, Overtone Corporation
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